Internet Marketing’s 5 Simple Secrets to Building Traffic For Your Business

There are many, many ways to get free, or nearly free, online traffic services which will send prospective customers to your business online. This article will show you how to access this river of prospective customers by taking simple actions to improve your business’ online presence. Generated content helps placement for your business in search engines. Better placement in search engines means customers will find you.There are 5 simple secrets that, if you implement in your business, will generate leads, calls, and new business:• create a blog• write and market articles • write press releases• build your presence on social media business • Use Google mapsThese 5 secrets will help bring you more customer prospects to your door. Why? It’s the simple fact that you and your business must be on page 1 of the search engines and primarily Google. You already know this and you already search yourself. What the many business owners that I have talked to don’t know is how to get on to page 1. These 5 simple secrets will dramatically increase your ability to get on page 1.Why Google? Well if you go to, you will see that Google holds the number 1 position in the world for traffic.Google page 1 is where all customer eyeballs go. As the old real estate saying goes, ‘location, location, location’ so is this true with Google. And ‘location’ for Google is page 1. There are three parts to page 1 of Google. The top and right are the sponsored links, also referred to as pay-per-click. Businesses such as mine create Google AdWords campaigns and pay Google each time a prospective customer clicks on our ad. Underneath and to the left of the sponsored ads is Google maps. Page 1 only lists 7 businesses in the maps – so it is prime real estate and your job to get to be one of the elite 7 on page 1. Underneath the maps is the organics section. There are typically 10 organic listings. To have your business in this section is all about the content you are publishing on the web, where you send it out on the internet, and how well it relates to the search terms the customer has typed into Google.Content created about you your business posted on your blog, written in articles, produced in press releases, shared in social media using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other highly ranked sites all work together to get you listed in the top 10 organic section on page 1 of Google.Over time, you will experience a snowball effect and ultimately it will lead to more leads, more website visits and more phone calls.

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